What Lives in the Sludge, Episode 5: Discussions

January 25, 2018

What Lives in the Sludge, Episode 5: Discussions

Things can change in an instant, leave those under pressure of time grasping in the dark. This is how these odd companions find themselves, but perhaps there is an opportunity to garner some help. Maybe even gain some allies.

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Demipia, What Lives in the Sludge is written and produced by Maximillian Chambers, Copyright 2017. All rights reserved.

What Lives in the Sludge written by Rich Spencer.

Music used under the Creative Commons free for commercial use attribution license (Artist - Track):

Sergey Cheremisinov - The Signals
Doxent Zsigmond - Forgotten Land
Quarkstar - Cricket Seaoning 1
Gurdonark - Exurb

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