The Mine Children, Episode 10: Amille

April 15, 2017

The Mine Children, Episode 10: Amille

Frightened children. Paranoid townsfolk. A village gripped by lethargy. The sun above Goll's Fall seems dimmer each day, moreso than the approaching winter would usually herald. At least the seemingly innocent Arnach watcher, Hueil'Dan, gives some welcome relief from the dreary atmosphere that seems to pervade these mountains. But these odd companions cannot dally too long. The world around them will act even if they do not, and the world is Wrathful at its heart.

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Demipia, The Mine Children is written and produced by Maximillian Chambers, Copyright 2017. All rights reserved.

The Mine Children Theme written by Rich Spencer.

Music used under the Creative Commons free for commercial use attribution license (Artist - Track):

Sergey Cheremisinov - The Signals
_ghost_ - Reverie
Rest You Sleeping Giant - Disconnect


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