The Mine Children, Episode 9: Investigations About Town

April 4, 2017

The Mine Children, Episode 9: Investigations About Town

The taste of freedom is bitter sweet. The relief at narrowly avoiding death cannot be over stated, but the loss of sanity and body parts taints these small victories. These odd companions seem no closer to attaining justice for poor Rafael, closure for Tsara, his mother, or discovering what is the source of the strange things happening in the village of Goll's Fall. 

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Demipia, The Mine Children is written and produced by Maximillian Chambers, Copyright 2017. All rights reserved.

The Mine Children Theme written by Rich Spencer.

Music used under the Creative Commons free for commercial use attribution license (Artist - Track):

Sergey Cheremisinov - The Signals
Doxent Zsigmond - Forgotten Land
Gurdonark - Exurb
_ghost_ - Reverie


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