The Mine Children, Episode 3: The Trap at Sorrow’s Nook

February 17, 2017

The Mine Children, Episode 3: The Trap at Sorrow's Nook


Mad creatures on the treacherous road. Figures lurking in the night. Crossbow bolts from the darkness. Through struggle comes glory, at least thats what Garesh tells himself as he nurses his wounds each night. Anastasia tries not to think of what she has left, as she tries to sleep on the unyielding ground. Erdi tries to focus on happiness, as the snores from C'than whipser promises of madness. Malagriir broods on the nobility of his suffering. Aktum sinks his teeth into his ham, preparing for what is to come. Tibor smiles to himself. Their journey is almost over. Just one more night and one more day. If they survive the things outside.

Demipia, The Mine Children is written and produced by Max Chambers, Copyright 2017. All rights reserved.

The Mine Children Theme written by Rich Spencer.

Music used under the Creative Commons free for commercial use attribution license (Artist - Track):

Cryosyncopy - Gorging Eclipse
Sergey Cheremisinov - The Signals
Cryosyncopy - Shower of Arachnids
Gurdonark - Restless Sleep
Fireproof Babies - Swim Below as Leviathans
Aerosolspray - Melancholiose
Zikweb - Not too Quiet
Rest You Sleeping Giant - Elbow Song
Rest You Sleeping Giant - Open Eyes
Cryosyncopy - Wandering
Gurdonark - Ninth Ward
Cryosyncopy - Scan
Doxent Zsigmond - Forgotten Land


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